#96 (Discharged)

Age 68 Female




Queen Mary Hospital


Diamond Princess

The patient has underlying health conditions and had a fever on Feb 16 and 17. She started coughing on Feb 27. The University of Hong Kong conducted a test on Antiserum for her, and discovered she has antibodies for COVID-19. She might have been infected before but recovered later. Therefore she is considered as suspected case. This case was updated as a confirmed case on Mar 2. (On April 9, the CHP updated the patient's onset date to be Feb 15, but did not announce any symptoms-related updates.)

2.22 - 2.29

Chun Yeung Estate

Returned to Hong Kong by a chartered flight on Feb 20. His sample was preliminary tested positive, hence he was arranged for admission and treatment on Feb 27

1.25 - 2.21

Diamond Princess

Developed fever on Feb 16-17 and cough since Feb 27