#91 (Discharged)

Age 26 Male

Close contact of possibly local



Ruttonjee Hospital


Fook Wai Ching She

The patient is the son of patient no. 76. He lives with his mother in Phase 1 of Redhill Peninsula. He started coughing and fever on Feb 20 and visited Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital on Feb 21. His mother was confirmed positive with coronavirus on Feb 24 and he went to Ruttonjee Hospital on the same day. He has not been to Fook Wai Ching She in Maylun Apartments. He works from home usually, and went to Osaka with his family in late Jan. He has not travelled during incubation period. His father, second brother and domestic helper who live with him are all asymptomatic and have been arranged for quarantine.

- 2.24

Phase 1, The Redhill Peninsula

The patient lives wiith his mother (patient no. 76) and usually works from home. He developed fever on Feb 20.


Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital