#87 (Discharged)

Age 21 Female




Queen Mary Hospital


Diamond Princess

The patient has good past health and was a passenger of Diamond Princess. She is the elder sister of patient no. 88. They stayed on the cruise from Jan 25 to Feb 22, and returned to Hong Kong by the third chartered flight on Feb 23. Their samples were preliminary tested positive, hence they were transferred from Chun Yeung Estate Quarantine camp to Queen Mary Hospital for further treatment on Feb 25 and were diagnosed with coronavirus on Feb 26. The patient had fever on Feb 12. Regarding other relatives who travelled with them on the cruise, their parents and maternal grandfather were confirmed cases diagnosed in Japan and are currently staying in Japan for treatment, while their younger sister has no symptoms and is currently under quarantine in Chun Yeung Estate Quarantine camp.

2.23 - 2.25

Chun Yeung Estate

Returned to Hong Kong by a chartered flight on Feb 23. Her sample was preliminary tested positive, hence she was arranged for admission and treatment on Feb 25

1.25 - 2.22

Diamond Princess

The patient had fever on Feb 12.