#67 (Discharged)

Age 38 Female




United Christian Hospital

Sau Mau Ping

The patient lives in Hiu Lai Court, Sau Mau Ping with her son and husband. She started showing symptoms of respiratory infection on Feb 10, and went to a private clinic for treatement on Feb 10 and 14. She works as a cashier at Super Super Congee & Noodle, Domain Mall, Yau Tong. Feb 10 was her last working day, before which she had worn masks (to work). She was diagnosed with coronavirus at Union Christian Hospital subsequently.

2.10 - 2.14

Hiu Lai Shopping Centre

She developed cough and fever on Feb 10 and consulted a private doctor on the same day. She consulted the same private doctor on Feb 14.

- 2.10

Hiu Lai Court, Block D, Hiu Fai House, Sau Mau Ping

Patient lives with her husband and son, and developed fever and cough on Feb 10.

- 2.10

Super Super Congee & Noodle, Domain Mall, 38 Ko Chiu Road

Last working date was Feb 10, she was wearing mask at work. Center of Health Protection is following up with the restaurant on other staff's condition.

2.19 -

United Christian Hospital

Tested positive for novel coronavirus on Feb 20.