#66 (Discharged)

Age 75 Male

Possibly local



Tuen Mun Hospital

Tuen Mun

Taikoo Shing Engineer family

The patient is the husband of patient no. 63. He started showing symptoms of coughing and asthma on Jan 25. He sought treatment from private clinics on Jan 31, Feb 4 and 7. During the incubation period, he travelled to Zhangmutou of Dongguan, Guangdong province, China several times for meet-ups with friends. It's reported that his friends have not shown any symptoms. The patient dined with his wife, his daughter (patient no. 60) and his son-in-law (patient no. 57) on Jan 27. The patient and his wife have meals at Hoi Tin Garden Restaurant, Sham Shing, Tuen Mun every morning from 9-10. On Feb 2, he accompanied his wife in her visit to Cornwall Elderly's Home but he did not enter the premises. Note that previously on Feb 20, the patient's test result (based on his respiratory tract sample) came back negative but his CT scan revealed ground glass opacity. He also has epidemiological links with a confirmed case of coronavirus infection. His case was only confirmed on Feb 23.

1.25 - 2.18

Hoi Tin Garden Restaurant, 5 Sam Shing Street

He went for dim sum every morning during the period except Feb 15.

1.25 - 2.18

Block 1, Seaview Garden

The patient lives with his wife (patient no. 63). He developed cough and shortness of breath on Jan 25. His son-in-law (patient no. 57) visited his home on Jan 29.

2.04 - 2.07

Dr. Szeto Wai Keung, Hanford Plaza

Consulted the doctor on Feb 4 and Feb 7


Dr. Wong Siu Shan Simon, Kai Hei Land Building

1.14 - 1.25

Zhangmutou, Tongguan

Paid 6 day trips to Zhangmutou via Lo Wu Control Point for meet-ups with friends during the period