#61 (Discharged)

Age 32 Female

Close contact of possibly local



Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

Quarry Bay

Star Seafood / Hong Mei House

This patient is an employee of patient no. 52. Her employer attended a gathering with relatives/friends residing in Hong Mei House of Cheung Hong Estate (some of whom were subsequently diagnosed with coronavirus) on Jan 26 where this patient was absent. On Feb 9, this patient had a gathering with more than ten friends outside Hong Kong City Hall for around an hour, during which all of them wore masks and did not have meals together. After patient no. 52 was diagnosed with coronavirus on Feb 13, this patient was admitted to a hospital the following day and tested negative for coronavirus. However, because her chest X-Ray film showed shades in the lungs, she underwent a CT scan which revealed abnormalities. She was then re-tested for coronavirus on Feb 17 and diagnosed on Feb 18.

2.02 - 2.14

Block D, Mount Parker Lodge, 10 Hong Pak Path

The patient is the domestic helper of patient No. 52; fever and cough since Feb 2


Hong Kong City Hall

The patient met with 10 other friends while wearing face masks outside the City Hall for about an hour.