#33 (Discharged)

Age 50 Female

Close contact of local case



Ruttonjee Hospital

Wan Chai

Hotpot family

The patient is the aunt of patient no. 27 and lives in Chung Wui Mansion, 110 Wan Chai Road. On Jan 26, the patient had a get-together with family members/relatives, totaling 19 people. The group met in a party room in Kwun Tong where they had barbecue and hotpot on a balcony. Two of those present at the gathering were from Guangdong Province, China and left Hong Kong in late Jan. The patient and some of her family members have shown symptoms of pneumonia. She was discharged from the hospital on Feb 23.

2.02 - 2.08

Chung Wui Mansion, 110 Wan Chai Road

The Centre for Health Protection amended the building which the patient stayed on Feb 12.


Lento Party Room, Wing Hing Industrial Building