#2351 (Discharged)

Age 46 Female

Close contact of local case




Sham Shui Po

The patient undertook training in peritoneal dialysis at the Integrated Renal Care Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital on July 13 and 14. She was admitted to a medical ward at the same hospital through A&E between July 15 and 21, and was transferred to Cornwall Elderly's Home, Tai Po upon discharge. She was admitted to Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital on July 22 upon developing fever and sore throat. Her case is epidemiologically related to that of patient #2150.

- 7.24

Dai Nam Building, Tai Po

- 7.23

Dai Nam Building DD6 LOT 1211 S.D. Off Ting Kok Raod, Tai Po