#1882 (Discharged)

Age 34 Female

Close contact of local case




Tung Chung

The patient has no travel history and developed symptoms on July 14. Her case has epidemiological linkage to that of patient #1867. (CHP discovered that two test results had been erroneously swapped upon announcement of follow-up test results. While she initially tested negative, she was admitted to a negative pressure isolation ward with another diagnosed patient for several hours. She was therefore arranged for quarantine and follow-up virus tests. Her case was diagnosed on July 21, and the case number #1882 remains in use.)

- 7.21

Mun Wo House, Mun Tung Estate, Tung Chung

- 7.10

Sunwise Industrial Building, Tsuen Wan

- 7.09

Fullytech Centre, Tsuen Wan