#1490 (Discharged)

Age 48 Male

Close contact of local case



Tuen Mun Hospital

Tuen Mun

Bun Kee/ Sun Fat/ Kin Wing

The patient is the owner of Tai Hoi Kin Wing Canteen, Tuen Mun, has underlying health conditions, and no recent travel history. On July 11, during the quarantine period, he started having fever, difficulty breathing, and chest pains. He was transferred to hospital from the quarantine centre. His case has epidemiological links with the cases of patients #1269, #1427, and #1432.

- 7.13

Block 7, Lung Mun Oasis, Tuen Mun

- 7.02

Hong Kong River Trade Terminal 建榮飯堂, Tuen Mun