#1427 (Discharged)

Age 46 Female

Close contact of local case



Tuen Mun Hospital

Tuen Mun

Bun Kee/ Sun Fat/ Kin Wing

The patient is a cashier, with good past health and no recent travel history. She works with patient #1269 in Tai Hoi Kin Wing Canteen. Tuen Mun and was sent to hospital via the quarantine centre. She has no symptoms. (The briefing meeting on July 11 announced patient #1427 as a 39 year old worman whose test results had not been confirmed yet. Therefore the patient who was announced as #1433 in the meeting has been updated to be case #1427.)

- 7.11

Block 7, Lung Mun Oasis, Tuen Mun

- 7.02

Hong Kong River Trade Terminal 建榮飯堂, Tuen Mun