#128 (Discharged)

Age 36 Female

Close contact of local case



Caritas Medical Centre

Tseung Kwan O

Yee Ming Estate (Tseung Kwan O)

The patient is the daughter of patient case 58. She lives in Yee Ming Estate Yee Ching House in Tsueng Kwan O. After her father was confirmed positive with COVID-19, she is also required to be quaratined. She finished quaratine on Mar 1, but she had diarrhea on Mar 8 and sneezing nose on the next day. She went to Caritas Medical Centre on Mar 9. Her incubation period is more than 14 days.

3.01 - 3.10

Yee Ching House, Yee Ming Estate

Daughter of patient no 58 with good past health

3.10 -

Caritas Medical Centre

Completed quarantine on Mar 1 as a close contact and under medical surveillance. She developed diarrhoea since Mar 8 and runny nose since Mar 9 and was admitted to hospital for treatment on Mar 10.