#117 (Discharged)

Age 52 Female

Close contact of imported case



Queen Mary Hospital

Pok Fu Lam

India Tour

The patient is the daughter of another patient who was diagnosed with coronavirus in Vancouver, Canada after returning from a trip to India. The patient from Canada arrived in Hong Kong on Feb 24 and stayed at the residence of her daughter (i.e. this patient) in Block 28 of Baguio Villa, Pokfulam between Feb 24 and 29. This patient had developed a fever before being transferred to a quarantine centre on Mar 9. She was then admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with coronavirus.

- 3.09

Block 28, Baguio Villa

Patient no 117 & 118. Patient no 117's father who is the non-local case in Canada who joined the same tour group with patient no. 105


South China Building, 1 Wyndham Street

Patient no 117 and her father who is the non-local case notified by the health authority of Canada