#113 (Discharged)

Age 47 Female

Close contact of local case



Prince of Wales Hospital

Tai Hang

Horse Owner Family

The patient is a domestic helper of patient no. 85 and is a close contact of patient no. 90 (another helper). The patient has good past health and lives at Block 4, Swiss Towers at 113 Tai Hang Road, Tai Hang. She has all along been asymptomatic and was earlier sent to the quarantine centre as a close contact. Her respiratory specimen was tested positive on Mar 8. She is under treatment at Prince of Wales Hospital. The patient had no travel history during the incubation period. Her close contacts (except the two confirmed patients), namely her employer’s husband and son are asymptomatic and are quarantined.

- 2.25

Block 4, Swiss Towers, 113 Tai Hang Road

The patient and patient no. 90 are the domestic helpers of patient no. 85