#111 (Discharged)

Age 76 Male




Queen Mary Hospital

Pok Fu Lam

India Tour

The patient lives in Tower 31, Baguio Villa. He travelled to India with other patients. He started having diarrhoea on Mar 2, but the respiratory sample is negative towards COVID-19. Then he entered quaratine area, and his deep throat saliva specimen was tested postive towards the coronavirus and was admitted to QMH for management. His wife who lives with him is quarantined and domestic helper is asymptomatic and will be quarantined.

3.05 - 3.07

Chun Yeung Estate

As a close contact of patient no. 105, he was sent to the quarantine centre.

2.24 - 3.05

Block 31, Baguio Villa

Developed diarrhoea again on Mar 2

1.31 - 2.24

Mumbai, India

Joined the same tour group as patients no. 105, 107, 110 & 115; developed diarrhoea on Feb 23