#1085 (Discharged)

Age 56 Male

Close contact of local case



Prince of Wales Hospital

Sha Tin

Kerry Logistics / Luk Chuen House

The patient is the husband of patient #1084 who is unemployed. His wife shops for grocery primarily at the wet markets of Lek Yuen Estate and Wo Che Estate. He developed running nose on May 26 and coughing on May 29, and visited the same private practitioner as his wife did on May 30 when he developed mild fever. He was hospitalised upon his wife's positive virus test result.

- 5.31

Luk Chuen House, Lek Yuen Estate, Sha Tin

Developed runny nose since May 26 and cough since May 28

- 5.30

Lek Yuen Plaza, Sha Tin

- 5.29

Wo Che Market, Sha Tin