#1084 (Discharged)

Age 34 Female

Close contact of local case



Prince of Wales Hospital

Sha Tin

Kerry Logistics / Luk Chuen House

The patient is the wife of patient #1085, has good past health and no travel history, and lives with her husband and sister-in-law. She developed coughing and fatigue on May 22, consulted a private practitioner on May 25 due to fatigue, and visited the private practitioner again on May 26 and 28 upon continued sickness. She developed phlegm and chest pain on May 29, and was hospitalised on May 30 by an ambulance when she became dizzy and delirious. The patient and her sister-in-law work at a temperature-controlled warehouse at Kerry Logistics Network Ltd in Kwai Chung, in charge of labelling fruits and vegetable imported from the UK, having worn masks and gloves during work. Contacts made from the CHP to the patient's workplace revealed that two female colleagues (patients #1086 and #1087) of the patient experienced illness at the end of April, who both live at Luen Yuet House, Kwai Luen Estate. They both tested weak positive upon hospitalisation, and were confirmed positive after further testing.

- 5.30

Luk Chuen House, Lek Yuen Estate, Sha Tin

Developed cough and backache since May 22, malaise since May 25 and sputum and chest pain since May 29

5.25 - 5.28

Dr. Lee Yuk Tong, Lek Yuen Plaza, Sha Tin

Consulted Dr. Lee Yuk Tong thrice

- 5.23

Kerry TC Warehouse 1, Kwai Chung

Co-worker of patients no. #1086 & #1087