#1050 (Discharged)

Age 5 Female

Close contact of local case



Princess Margaret Hospital

Tsuen Wan

Lei Muk Shue Estate

The patient is the (paternal) granddaughter of patients #1049 and #1052, with good past health. She began coughing on May 11 and temporarily moved to her maternal grandmother's home upon her paternal grandmother having developed symptoms. She attended a class at a tutorial centre on May 2 and 9, dined at her maternal grandmother's home on May 9 together with over 10 close contacts. She had lunch with her mother at Olympic City on May 10.

- 5.12

Cheuk Ming Building, 10 Tsuen Wan Market Street, Tsuen Wan

Patient lives with parents

5.09 - 5.12

Block 8, Charming Garden, Tai Kok Tsui

Residence of patient's grandmother (mother's side); patient started to stay here since the other grandmother had fever; there was a gathering of over 10 people in the apartment


Modern China Restaurant, Olympian City II, Tai Kok Tsui

Had lunch with mother at the restaurant

- 5.09

Glory Learning House, 13/F, 289 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan

Attended classes on May 2 & 9, the class was 1 hour with 1 tutor and 2 students