#1049 (Discharged)

Age 66 Female




Princess Margaret Hospital

Lei Muk Shue

Lei Muk Shue Estate

The patient is a housewife, has good past health, and has no recent travel history. She developed fever and coughing on May 8, visited a general practitioner nearby her residence on May 11, turned in a sample on May 12, and tested positive to the virus. Her routine primarily includes grocery shopping at Yeung Uk Road Market (Tsuen Wan) and taking care of her (paternal) granddaughter at her son's residence. Her granddaughter, patient #1050, was also diagnosed positive to the virus, and her husband is patient #1052.

- 5.12

Block 5, Lei Muk Shue Estate, Lei Muk Shue

Patient lives with husband, daughter, daughter in law and grandson

5.11 - 5.12

Mrs Wu Yuk Yu General Out-patient Clinic, Kwai Chung

Developed fever since May 8, visited Out-patient clinic on May 11, returned speciment on May 12

- 5.08

Cheuk Ming Building, 10 Tsuen Wan Market Street, Tsuen Wan

Patient frequently visited to son's apartment to take care of her granddaughter

- 5.08

9 San Tsuen Street, Tsuen Wan

- 5.08

Hau Tei Square, Tsuen Wan

- 5.08

32-34 Chuen Lung Street, Tsuen Wan